Features of 9Apps Making It One King among All the Apps!

There are many play stores like Google Play store and many other third-party stores. Amidst these all, the best store that one can have is 9apps. It is not at all wrong to state that this play store is the ‘king’ of all the application stores out there.

9Apps, Taking Over The Market With Its Wonderful Features!

Once you go through the exciting features of 9apps, you would also become a fan and praise it like the king.  You know what the applications you select from this play store are completely safe to use. All the applications available in the realm of 9Apps always get uploaded only once they have been pre-tested for virus and bugs. The point is whichever application you download from this play store, you would not find them infected with any virus.

Excellent features of 9apps

Some of the best features of this store are as under:

Small in size

The 9Apps store is small in size always. The total size of this play store never really exceeds 10MB. Even the latest and upcoming version of this app store is also provided with less size for the convenience of the users. The available apps in this application store also eat up just a small amount of memory in your smart phone or android device.  The point is you can easily have this store on your device and make sure that it does not clog up your storage too.

Applications for free

There are many amazing applications that are paid on Google play and other types of play stores right? But if you check out the applications in the realm of 9apps Apk, you would not find any pricing at all. All the premium and costly applications can be downloaded free of cost from this platform.  Now all the apps that sounded always expensive to you can be installed without any expenditure through 9apps.

Variety in content

Indeed, it is something that would make your day. whether you want dating applications, gaming apps, cooking apps, learning apps, sports apps, clothing apps, shopping apps, students apps, time management apps, art & crafts apps, pets app or any other types of applications; you can find them all in this play store. Moreover, you can also get variety of wallpapers, screen savers, ringtones, sounds and much more through this platform.

Speed is sensational

Yes, you too would say it once you try out this play store. 9apps is really fast in compare to its counterparts. You can speedily use this play store and download the applications that you want from there. In this way you would not have to wait for any longer to get the applications you want installed on your device. Whether you are going through the play store or you are installing the heavy applications; the content gets installed speedily because of the advanced platform of 9apps.


So, indeed, you would agree that 9apps is a great platform for you. This global play store really stands like a king of all play stores!