There Is No Coming Back If You Start Using 9Apps!

Often you try out different platforms and then swiftly you switch from there right? It happens because of a lack of satisfaction and shallow experience. But that is not the case in the realm of 9apps. Yes, once you try out 9apps platform you are going to be contented in every sense.

9Apps, Taking Over The Market With Its Wonderful Features!

 It would not be wrong to say that there is no coming back if you start using 9Apps. It is because the third party play store is not just about the variety it caters but about ease and safety too. You can easily find all types of applications in the realm of this play store. Moreover, the features it has are going to excite you even more. Have a look at some of the features of this platform. Have a look below:

Variety of applications

You can find a variety of applications in the realm of 9apps. The platform promises you a streak of options in applications in every area. whether you look for games, music, videos, movies, learning apps, educational apps, time management apps, cooking apps, traveling, makeup, art & crafts or anything else; the platform would not disappoint you in any sense. Once you search through this platform you can find many such applications that are excellent but are not there on the Google play store that you usually use.

The negligible size

The 9Apps play store is absolutely small in size. The total size of this store never exceeds 10MB. Even the latest version of this platform also provided with less size.  It is not just about the size of the platform but about the size of the apps you get from this store. Since you would get exciting applications and store in a limited size, you would definitely have a befitting experience. Of course, Using 9Apps is going to give you a rich experience. The negligible size of this play store would never become an issue for your storage.

The content is free

You heard it right. Whatever or whichever application you download from 9apps, it is not going to cost you anything. In simple words, you would get all the applications free of cost.   Even those premium and really expensive applications would fall in your budget once you explore them in the realm of this store. It is all about what you explore and from where you get it. Once you get the apps from 9apps, you would get used to the excellence, ease and free of cost aspect of this play store.

Safe to use

Many of you might have doubts about the safety of this play store because of its third party nature, right? Well, you know what the platform is absolutely safe for you to use. You would definitely have a great time using 9apps and no virus would get there on your platform. All the applications that get uploaded on this play store undergo a proper check.


So, don’t you feel you must give a try to this third party global play store? Once you started Using 9Apps, you would never look back!