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UC Browser is one of the best and popular web browsers for mobile devices on the app markets. It is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and more. It offers great features like data saving, fast downloading and ad blocking along with other features. Created by mobile app company UCWeb (owned by the Alibaba Group in China), it is extremely popular on the web and is placed after Google Chrome and Safari on basis of popularity.

It allows faster loading of pages by using a cloud acceleration technology. This also helps in saving data as the data is rendered prior to sending to the phone and a lightweight version is created for viewing by the user. The wide availability across Android to Windows to even Java phones has helped it reach such a great level of popularity among users.

Name UC Browser
Latest Version 8.4
Updated On 30 july 2018
Size 36.89 MB
Total Downloads 400 million+
Rating 4.5/5
Requirement Android 2.3+
Developer UCWeb Inc.

To know more about the cool features that this web browsing app includes, read the list till the end:

  • UC Web is a great web browser for surfing the web and accessing pages, videos, music and similar web content on the internet.
  • It provides a fast download feature by using multiple threads for downloading the content. This is very useful for busy people and can help in saving valuable time. It also helps in resuming downloads easily if they break off due to network errors.
  • The UI is easy to use and provides a smooth user experience. The layout is easy to navigate and find the required tools.
  • It helps in saving data and is particularly useful for those living in areas with limited internet connection or services. This also helps in cutting internet costs and save money as well as time.
  • It offers an ad-blocking feature. This is extremely useful for those who do not want to be disturbed by ads during internet browsing sessions and thus have a smooth and distraction-free surfing experience. This also prevents loading of apps and saves some data.
  • Small Window Mode – This allows the pinning of a video webpage at the top of the screen and continue enjoying the video while continuing to work on other tabs at the same time.
  • UC Browser app has a great option for watching video content – from movies to TV series, the menu even categorizes the video content based on genre and type.
  • The Night Mode in the UC Browser app helps the user have great ease in adjusting the screen colours and brightness for comfortable reading in low light conditions or at night. This helps in eye comfort while the user can continue working with web pages or watch videos.
  • The Facebook Mode is awesome for those on Facebook as it helps in making the website load faster and works efficiently and make the experience smoother and glitch-free.
  • This is great for those who use Facebook mostly on browsers instead of using the Facebook app. Thus, it makes the social media experience better and allow spending more time connecting with friends and family and enjoy chatting with them.
  • The Download Manager helps in efficiently managing multiple downloads simultaneously and thus save time and reduce worry about download failures and errors.
  • The UC+ Open Platform has a WebApp store which allows users in adding more options and features to the browser and make the experience richer and more worthy and efficient.
  • The Cloud system fetches data from the closest server available for the respective web content and thus reduce loading time and ensuring minimum lag in the fetching and rendering process and boost user satisfaction.
  • Cricket match scores can be easily checked on the UC Browser app and this is a great feature for cricket fans throughout the world. Cricket live streaming can also be enjoyed on the UC Web browser app and supporting your favourite cricket team is much easier now.
  • The UC Web being really fast means that online streaming of music from websites directly is also smoother and faster and this will help music lovers a lot. The same applied to those using web apps on the browser – be it social media or other such apps for accessing data or filling forms.
  • The UC Web Browser app is rated 4.5 on the Google Play Store and has been reviewed by well over 17 million people. It is very popular and has been downloaded by a lot of users on the internet.
  • In 2014, UC Web had claimed that it has reached over 500 million users and thus reached the top tier in the charts in the web browser category with most of the users from China, India and Indonesia.
  • In 2013, it was one of the most searched apps on the internet as reported by Google and has become very popular over time.
  • In 2012, it has topped the download counts in the category of free apps in India on the Google Play Store for Android.
  • In 2016, it had claimed to have over 100 million active users globally.
  • One of the greatest advantages of the app is that it does not put much load on the mobile operating system and runs smoothly without glitches which is a great plus point for users who want a glitch-free and distraction-free experience on their mobile devices.

Here are the steps of getting this awesome app installed on your mobile device:

  • The easiest way of getting this app installed on your phone is to search for UC Browser apk on the Google Play Store and touching on the Install button. After approving the permissions, the app will be installed and a shortcut will be created on the app drawer.
  • The app can be opened from the app drawer easily. This is one of the most secure ways of installing the app and using it.
  • If you are not trying to install it from the Google Play Store, then there is an alternative for you. You can search for the APK file of the app and once you find the latest version, download it on your phone directly or on your PC. The APK file can be downloaded from the official UC Browser website.
  • If you download it on your PC, transfer it to your phone using a USB cable or a cloud file service like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Prior to installing it, do check that installing apps from APK files is allowed in the security settings on the phone. Once that is done, just open the APK file to install the app.
  • After the permissions are granted, the app will be installed and become available on the app drawer. Once this is done, you can enjoy using the app.

You can also easily find the app by scanning the QR code on the official website and downloading from the link provided. One of the best factors about the app is that it is free to use and offers great functionalities which are not provided by even other popular web browsing apps. It works all internet connections on mobile devices like 2G, 3G and 4G and is supported on most Android devices. Even for users who are not too tech savvy, UC Browser can help them browse the web like a pro and save data and time.

So download the UC Browser app and start availing features and benefits!