mAadhaar App Download Free An App That Lets You Carry Aadhaar On Mobile

mAadhaar App Download: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has launched a new mobile app ‘mAadhaar’ which is used to sync Aadhaar data on the Smartphones. By using this app, you can negate the need to carry the Aadhaar card in wallets. If you download and register in this mAadhaar app, you will have all the details of Aadhaar card in your smartphone. Information like name, date of birth, gender, address and the user’s photograph (that is linked with Aadhaar card) will be available in the mAadhaar app.

This app is currently available only for Android platform users with version 5.0 and above. A tweet from Aadhaar’s verified account stated that “LAUNCHING #mAadhaar- Carry your Aadhaar on your Mobile. The android app from UIDAI is now available on Google Play”.

mAadhaar App Download


maadhaar App

The mAadhaar app is available for download on the Google Play Store. Just be careful as there are many fake apps in Google Play Store. When typing the name, make sure it is “mAadhaar” which was developed by Unique Identification Authority of India and you don’t end up downloading some fake app developed by some hackers to hack your demographic details.

The mAadhaar app is currently in beta stage, so few services will only be applicable after subsequent updates. UIDAI launched this app to make Aadhaar profile sharing process simple and users can do it from their smartphone itself. While coming to the security features of this app, there is the added measure of entering your password every time you want to do any action on the app.

Features of mAadhaar app

  • Profile download: This is a convenient way to carry Aadhaar number with demographic details anytime, anywhere.
  • Biometric locking/unlocking: The app comes with a biometric lock and unlocks feature to secure the personal data. Even if you lost your phone, no one can be able to access the mAadhaar app without your biometric. If you enabled the lock system, the app remains locked till you choose to either unlock it or disable the locking system.
  • Time-based One-Time Password generation: TOTP generation is an automatically generated temporary password which can be used instead of SMS based OTP.
  • User profile update: Users can update their Aadhaar profile data after successful completion of the update request.
  • Sharing of QR code and eKYC data: mAadhaar has additional features of share QR code and password protected eKYC data to retrieve accurate demographic information from it instead of manual entry.

You can follow below-mentioned steps to download and use the application.

Steps to download and use mAadhaar App

   Maadhaar App Download Official

  1. Go to Google play store app on your android mobile or you can go to any browser and go to the URL:
  2. Search for “mAadhaar” in the Google Play store.
  3. You will get many relevant search results. Check for an mAadhaar app developed by Unique Identification Authority of India and click on that.
  4. Click on Install button to download and install the application by allowing it for necessary permissions.
  5. After finishing the installation, you can see the mAadhaar app in your apps screen.
  6. Tap to open the mAadhaar app on your mobile and create a password.
  7. After that it will redirect to the next screen, there type your Aadhaar number or select the QR code to setup your mAadhaar profile.
  8. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter the OTP and click on the verify button.
  9. After completion of mobile OTP verification, your mAadhaar profile would be setup and you will be able to lock/unlock the biometric data.

At present, the mAadhaar app is available only for Android devices. You can download this app if you have an Android mobile with version 5.0 or above. To use the “mAadhaar” app, you must have registered mobile number. If the mobile number is not linked with your Aadhaar, then visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre or Mobile Update End Point to do so.